I´m wearing: mango blazer, H&M skirt, coach purse.

hello! this post has his funny story because i finally found a moment where i can actually shoot from the blog, and well as you can see, the photos are not in there best but at least I have something to post for you, and while we were shooting me and my friends were really having a great moment, because in a sudden a strong wind blow came and we all had a scene there, laughter everywere, and everyone was staring at us like if we were some kind of weirdos but oh well guys, things  I have to do for you and the blog…

hope you appreciate the poor post


PD: good news in the next post,just wait for them…:)

Hola!, dejen les cuento que detrás de este post, ahí una historia chistosa, y es que cuando finalmente encontré un momento para tomar las fotos, (aunque no muy buenas como podrán darse cuenta, pero por lo menos tengo algo para mostrarles), mis amigas y yo estábamos muertas de risa porque de repente llegó un viento super fuerte y tuvimos toda una ESCENA, jaja y todos los que pasaban se nos quedaban viendo como si fuéramos bichos raros, pero bueno eso es lo que tengo que hacer por ustedes y el blog….

espero aprecien el post tan pobre ….


PD: buenas noticias en el próximo post, esperenlas…:)

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