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wearing: H&M jeans/ Nine West sandals/ palizzio leather handbag

wearing: H&M jeans/ Nine West sandals/ palizzio leather handbag

BIG HELLO!,  and sorry for the lack of post but here i´m, and I came with massive news, well the ting is that I enter into this kind of contest sponsored by NYLON+ARISTOCRAZY, wich is a label of jewelry that I have always loved and that if yeverything turns out right, and my picture get selected, (fingers crossed) you guys can actually help me to make one of my dreams come true  wich is, to be available to win this contest by voting (giving a like) for my photo on facebook, because as I already said, if my pohoto get selected, the real competition start and the only way to win it, is by getting as much “likes” in my photo as possible, cause the most votted photo is the one that wins, but i know you guys will help me with the votos, cause well, you don´t have an idea of how great and how much to win this contest means to me, it will bring me so many opportunities, but i wont get all dramatical with you guys just yet…just until things see a little more of  light;)

PD: just this photo is the one that will be participating in the contest, but I also took the change to shoot more for the blog.


hola,hola, siento mi falta de posts  pero aqui estoy y traigo una gran noticia que ya no esperaba en contarles, y es que entre a este concurso  organizado por NYLON+ARISTOCRAZY, que es una marca de joyería que en lo personal siempre me ha encantado y si todo sale bien, y mi foto es la elegida (hagan changitos), entonces ustedes pueden ayudarme ha hacer este sueño de ganar el concurso una realidad, como??, pues si mi foto es seleccionada, como les decía,  entonces la verdadera competencia inicia, y es que solo gana quien tenga la foto con mas likes en facebook, que es aquí donde ustedes entrarían, en verdad estoy ansiosa porque mi foto sea elegida y me ayuden con los votos…, pero bueno todo a su tiempo  y espero que cuando vuelva a tocar el tema sea para dar la señal y que empiecen los likes…

PD:, esta foto es la que va a concursar, pero pues aproveche para tomar las otras para el blog también.



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