Today was a completely different day, I went to TEOTIHUCAN  wich is one of the many arqueological citys here in México, and i can tell you that this was my second time, but this time was totally different because i got to actually climb and get to the very top of the pyramid and belive me  the photos just dont make justice of how amaizing it is…





for the very first moment you put your feet on the ground, you just feel that you have just enter into another moment in time….teotihuacan

and yes!!, I actually climbed and got to the very top of that pyramid, wich is name “the Sun pyramid”, dont believe me!!??? well here is the proof…



this photo was at like the second kind of level of the pyramid, yes the steps are like kind of impossible but…


so woth it!!! the photos don´t even get close to the AMAIZING view guys… speechless

teotihuacan teotihuacan teotihuacan

if you come to México, you most go to TEOTIHUACAN, really the experience is unmissable!!


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