faster and fasterfaster and fasterfaster and faster faster and fasterfaster and faster

faster and faster

wearing: zara skirt / GAP denim blouse / vintage boots

guys, it has been a life time since i have not post, and you really have no idea how sad that makes me, like really!, but the thing is that i have been extremely busy because of collage and it was my first week, actually today is officially my first week, and as this whole thing is pretty new for me, im trying to adapt my self, because as you may now, it is a massive change, but during the week i couldnt live with the idea of no posting for that long, so as soon as i arived to my house, i make a very quik change of outfits and basically, that is how my life has been so far, making fast outfits, everytime faster and faster.

But i really want to tell you, that there is no way that i am going to drop this out, hell no!

but iam asking you for pacience, please, dont unfollow or anithing because YOU guys are the reson why im still posting, because i know someone care and i am massively thankful.

massive love



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