all high booted all high booted all high booted all high bootedall high booted all high booted all high booted all high booted

all high booted

wearing: ray-ban sun glasses / stuart weitzman booties / H&M ear cuff / by deep top

For sure you had seen this high-booted fever, and for the very first time I saw it, I feel the need to make my own version of it, and here is the result.

have been falling hard with all that has to be with high-tights, boots,etc. the whole thing, seem to me really appeling, and it totally shows the sexier side of the outfit don´t you think?

what do you think of the massive high-booted invation?, are you as in love as I am?

pd: oh! and wich propose between the designers of the fashion week season, has been your favorite(s)?

Estoy segura de que por todos lados estan viendo esta fiebre de “botas hasta la rodilla”, y bueno dese que las vi, decidí hacerla mía también y cree mi propio outfit.

ya tiene que me quede flechada por todo aquello que tenga que ver con llevar las cosas un poco mas arriba de la rodilla, no sé, siento que le agregan ese toque sexy al look, jaja, o tu que crees?

Por cierto, dentro de la temporada de pesentaciónes de las colecciones en las semanas de la moda, que diseñador te ha dejado encantado(a)?





One thought on “ALL HIGH BOOTED

  1. Dear Nomara,
    first of all, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment, it really means a lot! 🙂
    Your blog seems lovely too. I like your golden necklace! 😉 I’m looking forward on reading your future posts.

    xx Tina

    P.S. I just wrote a new post, so feel free to visit it again. 😉

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